West Side Water

Citizen's Advisory Committee

About the Committee

On June 16, 1981, the Lansing Township Board of Trustees created a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to make recommendations to the Township Board. These citizens were to reside in the West Side Water District and would not be compensated for their term on the committee. The rationale for an advisory committee made up of citizens was to solicit their input in operations as ratepayers of the West Side Water System.

Currently the Committee reviews and makes recommendations on the water department budget, bond projects, system rehabilitation, rate structure development, and any other matters the Board of Trustees or the Water Manager may feel falls within the guidelines of the Committee.

The following people currently make up the advisory committee:


  • John Broughton, chairperson, board representative
  • Tracie Harris, Vice chairperson, board representative
  • Henrietta Brewer, board representative
  • John Koval, citizen representative
  • Mike Sudberry, citizen representative
  • Mike Sparks, citizen representative

Meeting Notices

The Citizens Advisory Committee will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, @ 3:30 p.m.

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